Lessandra Home Series is composed of six house selections namely, Arielle, Brielle, Criselle, Danielle, Ezabelle, and Frielle. Arielle and Brielle are townhouses while Criselle, Danielle, Ezabelle and Frielle are single firewall homes. These houses have 2 bedrooms, a living room, dining area, kitchen and a toilet and bath. The remarkable difference between them are their sizes in terms of floor area and lot area.

The two townhouses are in a 40 square meters for an inner unit and 60 square meters for an end unit. The difference is the floor area which is 36 square meters for Arielle and 40 square meters for Brielle. Criselle is the same with Brielle except that the former is a single firewall house. Danielle is a little larger with 42 square meters and Ezabelle is spacious with 46 square meters floor area. Frielle is the largest among all these houses with 50 square meters floor area in a 65 square meter lot area.

What makes Lessandra different from other affordable homes is the community it belongs to. Since it is under a trusted brand, Lessandra homes enjoy exclusive amenities within the Camella subdivision. Courts, clubhouses, and parks are around the neighborhood so families could spend outdoor leisure close to their homes. Moreover, the community has a guarded entrance gate and roving guards are on duty day and night.

Buying a Lessandra home is not as expensive as you think. Owning one will only require less than 1.5 million pesos. House prices range from 1,025,000 pesos to 4,000,000 million pesos which makes it more affordable.

Because Filipinos are looking for cheaper homes without sacrificing the beauty and quality of the houses, Camella now gives you the best choice when it comes to affordable housing. As we aim to give every Filipino family a permanent place they can call their home, Camella gives you Lessandra, the perfect choice for affordable homes because you get more from what you paid for.